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Running smarter with Vita Mojo’s full-suite technology platform: Q&A with The Vurger Co.


July 29, 2022

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The Vurger Co was born in 2016 with the mission of revolutionising fast food through the power of plants. They’re 100% vegan, 100% cashless, and 100% loved by customers across the UK for their bold branding and friendly service.

Since partnering with Vita Mojo, The Vurger Co has increased Average Transaction Value (ATV) by 27%. The products that have made the difference? Click & Collect, Order & Pay at Table, Kiosks, Point of Sale, Kitchen Management System and Delivery Integrations.

We sat down with co-founder Neil Potts to talk about the different technology providers they’ve used over the years, and how Vita Mojo is helping them to simplify their operations. 

Here’s what Neil had to say. 

What problems were you looking to solve?

After using a string of POS systems which were difficult to integrate with the rest of their tech stack, Neil wanted to make a change. 

“Our tech stack felt like a patchwork quilt of things that didn’t go together. We used separate providers for our POS, digital ordering and reporting – as well as managing all of our third-party delivery platforms on separate tablets in the kitchen.

The Vurger Co kitchen was a hectic place. It was full of tablets, which was messy and stressful to deal with. Staff would push through orders manually through the POS system and there were a lot of inefficiencies and room for error. We needed a solution that integrated all orders seamlessly into one screen and that would help us to run our restaurant in a more efficient way.

We also wanted to make the customer experience as smooth and simple as possible. We needed tools to help manage speed and capacity over peak, so staff could fully focus on providing the great quality food and service we pride ourselves on.”

How did you decide on Vita Mojo? 

Neil visited one of our Vita Mojo restaurants and was impressed with the functionality, efficiency, and the simplicity of the design. 

“I’d never seen a kiosk like that before – it was sleek, quick and easy for customers to use and it didn’t lag!

The Vita Mojo team took the time to understand our business and recommend what would work best for us throughout the whole restaurant. Going for a full-suite solution means our POS, digital ordering, kitchen management and delivery integrations are all managed in one system. Having everything digitised and in one place streamlines everything. It’s convenient, makes operations and reporting much easier. We have never looked back!”

What impact has digital ordering had on your business?

“Building a strong customer connection is core to our business. Having a team member on hand to greet customers, explain the menu and offer recommendations has always been important to us. However, It can get hectic on site juggling order-taking, serving tables and managing and packing takeaway orders. Introducing self-serve kiosks has allowed staff to be freed up to comfortably manage the lunch time rush whilst also being available to help customers that need a little extra advice.

Having Click & Collect and Order and Pay at Table was especially useful during the pandemic. As the world reopened, we quickly found that customers still love having the choice and convenience of ordering and paying through their mobile devices.

Allergen labelling has also been a great feature for us. We pride ourselves in providing ethically sourced, quality vegan food with full transparency across our menu. The Vita Mojo kiosks are great at clearly displaying allergens for every menu item and quickly helps customers understand what they can and can’t have.

Plus, no one’s got a kiosk that looks as good as ours! It looks great. It elevates everything, makes our menu look professional and really impresses customers.”

How has the staff and customer experience improved since working with Vita Mojo?

“Staff love it – it’s intuitive for them to use. Going from printed tickets to screens has been a game changer. Reducing the number of third-party delivery tablets into one screen has improved efficiency, It’s smooth and has helped to make operations seamless and consistent.

Customer feedback is also great! No one struggles to use or understand the system. We’ve even seen a noticeable change in order value through the kiosks. Allowing customers the time to browse through the menu along with using upselling features has meant customers are adding more to their meals than they would if they were ordering through staff at the counter.”

What advice do you have for operators thinking about digital transformation?

“Think less about the cost of the tech and more about the value it can offer. The thing that put me off in the beginning was the cost. It’s definitely a big factor to get your head round at first, until you see the value of the system in action. Vita Mojo has added so much value to our business that we now wouldn’t go back to any other system even if it was half the price!

Another piece of advice – give customers what they want! At the end of the day, we are led by the market and consumer demand. There’s a big digital movement and a need to become accessible to customers in as many ways as possible – if you don’t go with it, you’ll ultimately get left behind. Vita Mojo allows us to keep up with ever-changing consumer behaviours and tick all those boxes.”

What’s next for The Vurger Co?

“We’re still recovering from the pandemic but excited to be coming out of it knowing that the future is much brighter! We’ve just opened a new store in Manchester and are very excited to see how the business grows and what the future holds for The Vurger Co.”

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