5 examples of top brands using menu design to increase revenue

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February 22, 2023

Does menu design play a part in your revenue strategy? 

If it doesn’t, you’re neglecting one of the most valuable tools your restaurant has to boost profits. We’ve seen operators increase average transaction value (ATV) by up to 35% with some simple menu design hacks. 

Luckily, the art of menu design is quick to learn, and easy to implement. Even more so when you can learn from the pros already doing it 👀. 

We’re showcasing our five favourite examples of brands using menu design to their advantage. Discover how to boost profitability and improve guest experience through your menu, with real-world examples of how it’s being done right now.

Time to start making those menus do some of the hard work for you…

1. LEON’s intelligent upselling

Who can say no to a side of baked fries once they’ve ordered a burger? 

Healthy fast food chain LEON uses its digital menus to upsell more effectively and unobtrusively than a human ever could. 

LEON menu design

Recommending additional menu items to customers based on what they’re ordering is one of the most simple (but effective) ways to increase ATV.

With the help of smart upsells, LEON increased ATV by 15% on kiosk orders versus POS transactions

Insider tip:

Maximise your upselling potential by limiting the number of menu item suggestions to five.

This reduces the amount of scrolling and prevents customers feeling overwhelmed by choice. It also helps you narrow down and promote only the items that make you the most profit. It’s a win-win!

2. Tossed's basket recommendations

Salad chain Tossed cleverly replicate the impulse buy effect with a selection of quick-buy items recommended at basket level.

These are simple, one-click additions to baskets. Items like drinks, sauces or desserts that don’t need customisation or require much thought outside of the initial impulse to buy.

Thanks to these sorts of smart features in their menu, Tossed have increased kiosk ATV by 21%. 

Insider tip:

Utilise smart digital ordering software to ensure you’re not wasting basket recommendation space suggesting items similar to what customers already have in their basket.

Guests are unlikely to impulse order a milkshake if they already have a drink in their basket. A dessert, on the other hand…

🔍 Wondering what connects these five brands? 🔍
All these smart digital menus have been built with the Vita Mojo POS.

3. HOP’s customisation options

Offering customisation is a great way to drive order value, proven by HOP’s menu. The Vietnamese fast food chain provides a seamless journey for hungry guests to customise their dishes easily. 

The menu gives guests plenty of flexibility, but doesn’t overwhelm them with options or require excessive scrolling.

HOP menu design

With an inviting and easy customisation process in place, HOP can now use this space to push best selling ingredients that boost revenue the most.

With 40% of all orders now being customised, digital menus have empowered HOP to increase ATV by 20%.

Insider tip:

Increase the revenue from customisations further by positioning your most profitable items at the top of the list.

Suggestions like adding chicken to a salad or cheese on a burger should be recommended first, encouraging customers to add the items that most benefit you.

4. I am Doner’s meal deals

Gourmet kebab chain I am Doner offers meal deal discounts for certain combinations of items, for example a wrap, fries and drink.

The menu even alerts the customer when they’ve selected an item that’s part of a meal deal, ensuring they don’t overlook the option.

I am Doner menu design

This is a natural way to entice customers to order items they might not have considered before, plus it boosts satisfaction by offering a great bargain! 

Meal deals can be based on a combination of different products. Alternatively you can consider introducing ‘couple’ or ‘family’ style deals based on a customer buying two or four of the same item.

I am Doner take 100% of orders through their digital channels, and thanks to smart menu design decisions like meal deals, they’ve seen a 35% increase in ATV.

Insider tip:

You can also upsell within a meal deal with extra customisations and upgrades, further boosting ATV. If chips are included in a meal deal, offer an upgrade to sweet potato fries for an extra charge. Or why not provide the option to upgrade a soft drink to a milkshake on a burger meal deal?

5. Neat Burger's promo banners

Plant based burger chain Neat Burger makes great use of menu design to direct customers to specific products or categories, including its meal deal.

Neat Burger menu design

Promo banners are the perfect way to hero items and put them front and centre in front of customers. Use this space to draw attention to the dishes and categories that profit your operation the most. 

Insider tip:

Got exciting new releases or seasonal dishes that are great revenue boosters?

Don’t let them get lost in your menu. Your promo banner can act as a revolving shop window to showcase new launches to customers as soon as they interact with your menu.

Menu design plays a key role in the value of every single order your operation receives. 

Don’t miss out on the boost in revenue you could secure for your operation through rethinking your menu design.

Want to find out how easy that can be? Chat to one of our restaurant tech experts for a bespoke look at your operation, including ways you can power your menu to work harder for you. 

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