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Digital transformation

Digital Transformation of Hospitality Report 2021

About the whitepaper

The pandemic brought a rush of technological innovation and adoption that has been lifesaving for many hospitality businesses. As restrictions ease, operators are now taking a step back and starting to think about how technology can support and complement their business in the long run.

Digital Transformation of Hospitality Report 2021
What's inside?
  • Findings from 100+ operators across 4000+ sites including restaurants, bars, and cafes
  • 73% of operators agree hospitality is behind other industries for digital transformation
  • 80% of operators don't have a set budget for digitalisation
  • Case study learnings from operators leading the way in digitalisation
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“The speed of delivery wouldn’t have been possible without an agile approach and close collaboration with Vita Mojo throughout. We launched Order at Table quickly and tested and iterated to refine the experience at an incredible speed.”

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