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The Vurger Co

100% vegan, 100% cashless and 100% loved by customers across the UK for their bold branding and friendly service. Since adopting the Vita Mojo Order Management System, The Vurger Co has ‘never looked back.’


The Vurger Co.

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Running smarter with Vita Mojo’s Order Management System

The Vurger Co was born in 2016 with the mission of revolutionising fast food through the power of plants. After using a string of POS systems which were difficult to integrate with the rest of their tech stack, Neil Potts (Co-founder, The Vurger Co) wanted to make a change. “Our tech stack felt like a patchwork quilt of things that didn’t go together.”

The Vurger Co kitchen was a hectic place. It was full of tablets, which was messy and stressful to deal with. Staff would push through orders manually through the POS system and there were a lot of inefficiencies and room for error. They needed a solution that integrated all orders seamlessly into one screen and that would help run their restaurant in a more efficient way.

Going for a centralised solution with Vita Mojo meant that The Vurger Co’s POS, digital ordering, kitchen management and delivery integrations are all managed in one system. “Having everything digitised and in one place streamlines everything. It’s convenient, makes operations and reporting much easier. We have never looked back!”

Building a strong customer connection is core to The Vurger Co business. Having a team member on hand to greet customers, explain the menu and offer recommendations has always been important and they didn’t want a digital ordering process to take away from that experience. However, it can get hectic on site juggling order-taking, serving tables and managing takeaway orders. Introducing self-serve Kiosks, Click & Collect and Order & Pay at Table has allowed staff to be freed up to comfortably manage the lunchtime rush whilst also being available to help customers that need a little extra advice.

Increasing ATV by 27% across all channels

Allowing customers the time to browse through the menu along with the use of smart Vita Mojo upsell features, has meant The Vurger Co has seen an increase in order value across the board.

Clear allergen labelling

The Vurger Co prides itself on having full transparency across their entire menu. With Vita Mojo's software they can easily display allergen information so customers can quickly see what they can and can't have.

Effortless operations

Reducing the number of third-party delivery tablets cluttering the kitchen into one screen has helped improve efficiency. The Vurger Co now benefits from smooth, seamless and consistent operations.

Connected and consistent

With a centralised Order Management System, The Vurger Co have said goodbye to complex and unstable integrations and now offer a connected, consistent and fully branded experience for guests.

“Think less about the cost of the tech and more about the value it can offer. Vita Mojo has added so much value to our business that we now wouldn’t go back to any other system even if it was half the price!”
Neil Potts, Co-founder
The Vurger Co

The results speak for themselves

Project outcomes and deliverables

One central place for everything

Having POS, digital ordering, kitchen management and delivery integrations all managed in one system makes operations and reporting so much easier.

Improving staff and customer satisfaction

The Vita Mojo system is quick, easy and intuitive for both staff and customers to use. With digital ordering, staff and customers have the time and space to do what they need to do without feeling rushed.

Smarter, more efficient staffing model

Staff no longer have to manually input orders through the POS and can instead focus on providing great food and customer service.

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