From concept to launch in just six weeks

When Covid hit, Nando’s faced unexpected challenges, including the government mandate of Order & Pay for dine-in restaurants. Putting the project out to tender, Nando’s needed Vita Mojo to deliver in just six weeks. 



Business type

Integrating with Nando’s digital ecosystem

Unlike many hospitality brands, Nando’s was already well into its digital transformation before the pandemic. The brand already had digital solutions for Click & Collect and Delivery, as well as their own loyalty system.

Introducing a third-party Order & Pay solution into the Nando’s ecosystem meant ensuring that both the old and new systems worked together seamlessly.

Nando’s needed a partner with open APIs that could easily integrate with its existing systems. They wanted a team that could work effectively with their own tech and product teams and deliver what should have been a 6-month project in a matter of weeks. Vita Mojo’s platform was designed with open APIs to easily integrate with external systems and our collaborative, agile, and fast-paced approach to problem-solving and development made Vita Mojo a great fit for Nando’s.

Optimising Nando’s digital menu

Through collaboration and regular feedback, Nando’s successfully created a seamless digital ordering experience without losing options for the customer.

On brand, everywhere

Nando’s wanted their brand to feel the same, no matter how customers engage with it. Now they offer the same great experience across all ordering channels.

“You should only see one Nando’s ever. Not a Nando’s delivery service or Nando’s takeaway service. We’re very much focused on a single view pointing to the customers, so they always feel like they’re doing it the same way.”
Reg Meyer, Head of Technology Solutions

The results speak for themselves

Project outcomes and deliverables

Reimagining Nando’s menu

Working with the Vita Mojo team, Nando’s created an intuitive Order & Pay flow that’s fully customisable with bundles, meal deals and personalisation.

Nando’s multi-channel strategy

Nando’s no longer sees itself as a dine-in business with additional channels bolted on. They're a foodservice brand offering exceptional customer experiences across every channel.

Loyalty tailored to Nando's

We worked with Nando's to create a digital version of their infamous Loyalty programme. Rewarding loyal, returning customers based on their number of chilli points.

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