Boston Tea Party Case Study


September 3, 2020

Boston Tea Party is an independent and passionately sustainable chain of 23 UK cafes.

Like many, they realised during Lockdown that they would need to adapt the way their business operates in order to survive the Covid pandemic. A partnership with Vita Mojo enabled them to make the pivot needed to streamline operations, increase profit margins and win back customers on reopening.

Find out more in the video below!


Partnership Goals:

  • Build safety and confidence for customers and staff
  • Deliver best practice operational efficiency within social distancing guidelines
  • Recreate the ‘Boston Tea Party’ experience with digital ordering

Partnership Results

  • 20% higher ATV as customers choose more ‘added extras’ and customisations on digital
  • Customers feel comfortable and rated the ordering experience 4.8/5
  • The flow of the cafés improved, with positive feedback from both staff and customers
  • Kitchen manages orders more easily during peak thanks to inbuilt capacity management

“The team at Vita (Mojo) have been brilliant, they’ve been there day and night for us.”

Anita Atkins, Boston Tea Party

Video transcript:

I’m Anita Atkins, I’m the brand director of Boston Tea Party. We are a chain of 23 cafes across the Southwest and Midlands. Sustainability is at the core of everything that we do. We’re probably most known for our cup ban where we removed all single-use cups from our business. So, if you get a takeaway coffee from Boston Tea Party you have to bring a reusable cup or you can buy one from us, or loan one from us.

During Lockdown we knew we had to do something different, we knew when the business opened we couldn’t have everyone queueing at the till, we couldn’t have those bottleneck points. The customer journey that we have now is that you come in, you scan your phone on a QR code, you order everything that you wish and we do the rest and bring everything to the table for you. 

The flow of the cafes is definitely much better. We’re hearing that from the customer feedback and from the team as well, which is really good.

One of the benefits of Vita Mojo is that it was totally customisable. The branding, the colours, the text, the photography is all our own so it feels very Boston Tea Party. The menu interface itself is very user friendly, it’s easy for customers to understand how to use it very quickly and actually they feel really safe using it.

With the platform, people are adding things that they wouldn’t have necessarily seen ordering at the till and our ATV has gone up hugely, 20% from where it was.

It’s been remarkable what it’s done for service. We would have definitely had capacity issues if we didn’t have the platform.

The team at Vita have been brilliant, they’ve been there day and night for us. We were technophobes and we’ve needed a lot of hand-holding to get here. It’s also been really good that they integrate with a lot of people that we work with – Wireless Social, Airship, Feed it Back – being able to link all of those things up has meant that the customer journey and the data that we get back have been far, far superior. 

It’s quite hard to become a new supplier of Boston Tea Party so it’s about those relationships and making sure that we are like-minded because when the tough times hit, as they just have, that’s when it’s more important than ever.