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Using tech to streamline operations, increase ATV and fuel international growth

Struggling with inefficient ordering channels and tablet chaos in the kitchen, Boo turned to Vita Mojo to help streamline operations and fuel its growth efficiently across its home – and international – markets.


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Boo serves handcrafted burgers, breakfast, fries and shakes throughout the Midlands and is in the midst of impressive growth. Struggling with inefficient ordering channels and tablet chaos in the kitchen, Boo turned to Vita Mojo to help streamline operations and fuel its growth efficiently across its home – and international – markets. Now with six sites in the UK and another three coming soon (including in the UAE), there’s no slowing down for this restaurant. 


With a traditional multi-channel operation – telephone orders, POS orders and multiple channels in the kitchen – Boo was struggling to operate efficiently across its existing sites, and maintain a consistent experience across its channels.


In an effort to streamline operations and improve the guest experience, Boo and Vita Mojo partnered to modernise its restaurants and identify the best channels to drive operational efficiencies, while also delivering guests total control over their ordering experience. Boo introduced Mobile Order & Pay, Kiosks and Click & Collect to offer guests a fully branded experience with customisable meals and complete nutritional information. In the kitchen, all third party delivery orders flow into one centralised device making it easier to manage the different ordering channels.

Prior to Vita Mojo, Boo used a pager system to notify customers when orders were ready. The team was keen to continue using their buzzers and avoid the additional cost and implementation of order ready screens. Vita Mojo enabled customers to add their pager numbers to their Kiosk orders so kitchen staff can immediately notify guests when their order is ready to be collected. 

“The pager-kiosk integration wasn’t something that was in place before and at our request, Vita Mojo built a solution that works for us. We have a collaborative partnership that’s been brilliant in helping us build the slick operation we need.” Adil Ismail– Operations Director, Boo.


Since implementing Vita Mojo, Boo no longer needs a designated person waiting by the phone taking orders during busy hours. Customers can now take their time to browse the menu, customise their meals and order using the new digital channels . Boo’s team is freed up to focus on delivering quality interactions with guests and deliver next level food, quickly.

Boo’s digital transformation has led to streamlined operations and increased revenue. Thanks to digital ordering, the restaurant’s throughput is higher and the use of upsells and basket recommendations allows guests to tailor their order to them whilst increasing basket sizes.

With Vita Mojo’s partnership, Boo’s scalable streamlined operations ensures smooth and speedy expansion for the brand across the country and overseas.

“The Vita Mojo guest UX and software are second to none. The platform is great and I love that Vita Mojo has a dedicated team working to take on feedback and work continuously to develop and improve the software to best suit our needs.”
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Adil Ismail, Operations Director

The results speak for themselves

Project outcomes and deliverables

Increase in order size

With the use of modifiers, upsells and basket recommendations across their digital ordering channels, 31% of Boo’s guests now tailor their order and average transaction value has increased by 52%.

Improved customer experience

Digital ordering has helped Boo deliver a seamless customer experience. Guests don’t feel rushed to place an order and appreciate the convenience, intuitive UI and the luxury of more choice.

Increased speed to market

With a robust digital ordering system in place, Boo can replicate their set up and get new sites live quickly and with ease. Their menu and branding remains consistent across all sites and channels and can be updated and managed from a single platform.

The power of one platform

Vita Mojo has all the tools you need to grow sales and ATV, run your restaurant more efficiently and elevate your customer experience. Each product in the platform is powerful alone, but the real magic happens when you use them together.

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