Boston Tea Party and the Unexpected Benefits of Restaurant Technology


December 13, 2020

Boston Tea Party was hesitant to introduce digital ordering: they feared losing connection with their customers. Then, during the pandemic, they worked with Vita Mojo to build a streamlined and tech-enabled ecosystem for their 22 cafés. This system included an Order & Pay experience which actually increased customer satisfaction, as well as Click & Collect and Delivery, integrated with their EPOS and back of house.

In partnership with Vita Mojo, digital technology has exceeded Boston Tea Party’s expectations. Here are the five most impressive results they have seen so far:

20% increase in ATV

Vita Mojo’s Order & Pay platform is designed to show off your full menu and help guests customise orders easily. As a result, customers at Boston Tea Party spend 20% more via Order & Pay than they do at the till.

Better operations and faster fulfilment

By using a single Kitchen Display Screen (KDS) for Click & Collect, Order & Pay and Delivery, Boston Tea Party staff can now manage orders more efficiently. Additionally, the smart prioritisation feature on the KDS helps to reduce wait times and increase customer satisfaction.

An experience customers love

Customers love the ease and convenience of the new ordering experience in Boston Tea Party cafés, they rave about it on Twitter and on average rate it 4.8 out of 5 on Feed it Back.

A seamlessly integrated ecosystem

Vita Mojo’s technology integrates with Boston Tea Party’s other tech partners including Wireless Social, Airship, Toggle and Feed it Back.

Data insights from every transaction

Boston Tea Party is now operating multiple digital ordering channels which feed into their data ecosystem. This has massively enriched their strategic view of customers, sales, and operations. It has also turbo-charged their marketing, through the Vita Mojo integration with Airship CRM.

“It’s been a really big leap for us to put in Order & Pay at Table… it’s been remarkable what it’s done for service.”

Anita Atkins, Boston Tea Party Cafés

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