How to decide on new tech: Hospitality Technology buyer’s guide available now

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January 30, 2024

Buying new hospitality technology can seem like a leap of faith.

Between trying to understand what your operation needs and sorting through tech providers all promising the same thing, making a decision feels impossible. 

And when the responsibility for a successful tech launch sits on their shoulders, it’s no wonder over half of restaurant operators have significant frustrations with their current tech provider: changing what they use – even if it’s not working – is a daunting prospect. 

But it doesn’t have to be. 

Deciding on the right tech provider is about three things: 

  1. Analysing your existing operation
  2. Understanding the different tech approaches
  3. Asking the right questions 


So where to start?

In our new Hospitality Technology Buyer’s Guide, we break all of this down into bite-sized steps, giving you the tools and frameworks you need to confidently make the right decision when buying new tech for your operation. 

Check out the highlights below…

1. Analyse your existing operation

You can’t make a decision on any new technology before truly understanding how you use your current tech stack, and how this impacts the success of your operation.

Spend time working out the below:

  • How many tech providers do you work with? 
  • What exactly does each one deliver to your operation? 
  • How many separate integrations between these providers does your operation depend on? 

You can then see inefficiencies within this setup. Where are integrations costing your team excessive time? What points in your operation are being overcomplicated by multiple providers?

Next, it’s time to outline exactly what the most important business goals are that drive success for your operation. 

64% of operators

reported increasing profitability as a top focus area for their business.

54% of operators

reported that growing customer numbers is a top focus area.

52% of operators

reported improving customer experience as a top focus area for their business.

36% of operators

reported that reducing the costs of doing business is a top focus area.

Map your current tech setup against these goals: what’s helping you achieve them within the tech you use? In what ways does your current tech stop you from achieving them? What needs to change to increase efficiency and drive growth? 

Read the full guide now...

Our full Hospitality Technology Buyer’s Guide equips you with everything you need to make an informed and confident decision when buying new technology, including:

  • Step-by-step guides on understanding your tech setup and business goals
  • Over 40 questions to ask potential tech vendors
  • A vendor scorecard to help you compare different providers
  • Quotes and insights from industry experts

2. Understand the different tech approaches

When it comes to building your new tech ecosystem, there are two options: POS-centric or order-centric. Consider both approaches with the business goals and requirements you’ve identified.

What is a POS centric approach?

Traditionally, when building a restaurant tech stack, operators would start with a POS and build out further functionality with integrations from point solutions.

The benefit of this approach is that you can partner with providers who are experts in the single-point solution they deliver. But you’re left with a fragmented tech stack that depends on flimsy third-party integrations to keep operations running.

This can profoundly impact your operation’s efficiency, and managing these inefficiencies can significantly reduce the business’s potential for growth.

A POS-centric tech stack depending on multiple integrations

What is an order-centric approach?

This new approach combines all the required elements of the end-to-end order lifecycle into a single, unified system from one partner. Digital ordering, POS, omnichannel loyalty, menu management and data, all in a single system that doesn’t rely on a complicated web of integrations to work.

An order-centric approach empowers restaurant brands to take and fulfil 100% of orders in one system, providing the tools they need to take control of their operations and future-proof their business.

An order-centric approach to tech with a single system

3. Ask the right questions

In our full guide, you can find over 40 questions you should be asking any potential tech vendors to ensure they can deliver the right setup for your business requirements. 

These questions are tied to nine fundamental areas you should focus on during your search.

Find the most important questions from each below:

 1. How will the tech increase efficiency and decrease complexity?

 2. How will the tech help increase revenue and growth across channels?

 3. How will the tech make your operation more robust and reliable?

 4. How will the tech empower data-driven business decisions?

 5. How will the tech take the pressure off your labour model?

 6. How will the tech scale and develop with your business?

 7. How will the tech help you deliver an omnichannel guest experience?

 8. Will the tech be delivered by a partner that understands and supports your business?

 9. What is the upfront cost and long-term value?

Use our vendor scorecard to help you keep track and compare different suppliers when you’re asking these questions. 

Making a decision on buying hospitality tech doesn’t need to be a nightmare. 

Get the facts and take the uncertainty out of the process with our full Hospitality Technology Buyer’s Guide, and make the right decision, confidently. 

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