Coming Back Stronger with Patrick Gray

Hospitality Mavericks Podcast. Coming Back Stronger Episode 8 with Patrick Gray

In this episode, Michael is joined by Head of Operations for the Athenian, Patrick Gray, as a guest. Patrick has a lifetime of experience from many great brands like Bill's Restaurants, Boston Tea Party and many more.

The Athenian was born out of love for Greek food. They launched the business at the end of 2014, as a small street food venture offering freshly made souvlaki prepared in the healthiest, most authentic way possible. And as you will hear, they have moved very fast since, especially during the pandemic.

Patrick talks about how they have approached the journey through the pandemic, ensuring that their people are safe, and their business is future-proof. He also tells how they have made brave moves to expand number sites rapidly during the lockdown, and what their plans are.

This conversation with Patrick gives you hope and belief that the industry can rise, and become great again!