VIDEO: An Overview of Vita Mojo OS

Vita Mojo OS is a new cloud-based operating system, rapidly revolutionising and restaurant industry. It provides an innovative digital platform, gather customer data and offers intelligence for restaurant owners to use to improve profitability and operations in sales, services, and food management.

"Vita Mojo is a truly innovative company and their first movements in this area have really pushed the boundaries." Ewan Stickley

Ex Operations Manager at Pret A Manger

Just some of the ways Vita Mojo OS helps restaurants includes increasing customer satisfaction, greater throughput and a higher number of customer visits while also freeing staff time to focus on providing added value to customers. Meals can be totally personalised and menu discovery is enabled with food and allergy clarity already included on the menu.

There is so much that Vita Mojo OS has to offer from the front to the back of house, and beyond into marketing, loyalty schemes and analytics. The video below demonstrates how it's unique customer experience is delivered.

What is Vita Mojo OS?

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